The history of Krishna Lamicoat goes back three decades. A visionary with the right balance of technical expertise, business acumen and an in-born spirit of discovery, Mr. Amar Chajjer founded Krishna Lamicoat on a strong foundation of honesty and innovation.
  Starting with flexible packaging solutions, Krishna Lamicoat soon discovered a need that was yet to be met in the garment industry, which formed a good portion of its clientele.
  Recognizing the potential to create and deliver specialty products for this rapidly growing industry, we worked closely with CAD/CAM developers like Leuctra (France) and Gerber Technologies USA, the right machinery and product was developed. Thus, Krishna Lamicoat Specialty Papers and Films was established in 1997.
  Founder-director Amar Chajjer starts Krishna Lamicoat, a packaging solutions company with and people and a one-room factory.
  Through the 70s and 80s the company grows, building a reputation of quality and integrity among clients and competitors.
  The Indian garment industry witnesses a shift to automated computer aided design and manufacture. Krishna consults with CAD/ CAM experts Gerber Technologies USA and Lectra (France) to meet specialized paper needs emerging from this shift.
  Krishna Lamicoat becomes India’s first specialty paper and film producer for the garment industry.
  The company rapidly forms a monopoly in the domestic market, and registers a 100% growth per annum. The strength and the capacity increase manifold and Krishna starts serving international clients.
  A dynamic and ambitious company, its product range diversifies to include accessories like manufacture of waistband and dory piping.
  With a 4, 00,000 sq ft factory and state of the art machinery, Krishna becomes the largest producers among SAARC nations.
  Today Krishna Lamicoat is the largest supplier among the SAARC nations and is all set to lead the world market. True to its dynamic spirit, the company is expanding into the realm of accessories and job working solutions and provides ready-made BIAS and straight cut fabric as well as waistbands and other accessories.
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